Monday, March 25, 2013

The last one...

This is it - the last one... the last email to receive from Elder Hanke as a missionary. I was afraid it would come down to this today...I chatted with Garrett for about 30 minutes… then he was outta there!  But I have to say that I understand...I’m so excited for Wednesday - I can hardly stand it!

Here’s the short message we got from him:

Man o mally thomas o mally the alley cat this is weird.

Haha who woulda thought this woulda ever happen right haha!

But I’ve got a few items of business.

What is my phone number again?

When will I be released?

What do you think about me flyin back?

And I would come back with them but half the reason for me to go would be to go to church at the branch and it doesn't start til 1, then i would need to stay back for a few hours and eat and tell stories right? (The Pike family was kind enough to offer to let Garrett go to or ride back from San Francisco with them when they take a little vaca there this weekend for spring break.)

I heard there is a flight that goes from provo to frisco for 69 bucks so if you could check on that, that would be good?

So I got him what he asked for, checked on flights, who knows what will happen.  We just kind of fly by the seat of our pants, but all is good.

I am so grateful to be his mom, and to have such amazing family and friends!  We are so blessed. 

So T minus 42 hours and counting… woot-woot!  J

Oh, and here’s an update on the homecoming! Due to scheduling conflicts and changes with General Conference, our ward had to change Fast Sunday to April 14th.  So… we had to reschedule Garrett’s homecoming for April 28th. Meeting time is 11:00 a.m., address is 1255 North 400 East.  Church is on the West side of the road.  We'd love to have everyone there!

Thanks to everyone for all of your love and support – it’s been a great two years!  Kind of bittersweet right now... we will miss having him out there so very, very much... but it will be so awesome to have him home.  We wouldn't trade this experience for anything.

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